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qwuilleran asked:
What are you studying in school? (I hope this isn't in your FAQs b/c I am on my phone atm)

It actually isn’t yet.

I am taking  Digital Course (3D Animation, Film, Photography & Graphic Design)




No no no. There is no asian privilege, stop trying to put other people on the spot.

"But the asians are making more money!!" white ppl have absolutely no idea what institutionalized privilege is omg

Bill O’Reilly is what hell was made for.

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This makes me inexplicably happy.

I smiled uncontrollably when it started playing, omg this needs to be everywhere on tumblr.

Disney’s Robin Hood was my childhood. Fond memories.

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h-hizzy asked:
You are a cool person and I hope you never choke.

Thank you.

People can be really cruel and dumb sometimes.

I, nor anyone else for that matter should have to put up with that.

Anonymous asked:
You are terrible person and I honestly hope you choke.

Ready For #College . #Me #myface #dapper #vintage

disconsolate-elysium asked:
Aw you so handsome

Thank you very much. :D


"Kinetic Sand"

No Guys, seriously. This shit is real.


Being good to each other is so important, guys.