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Cosplay In The USA


Robert Lutece (left on #1) and Rosalind Lutece (right on #1) from Bioshock Infinite

Cosplayers: BRAINGASM Cosplay Band [TM / VK]

  • Alena Kazina (Rosalind Lutece)
  • Svyatoslav Lubimov [VK / TW] (Robert Lutece)
Photographer: Aku Photography

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Aperture Laboratories Logo


"Silence Will Fall" - The Silence (Doctor Who) Cosplay 2014

Cosplayer - Lazaro S. Drake (Me)

Photographer - Lazaro S. Drake (Me)

Nearly a year in the making behind closed curtains that I’ve been working on this little gem. Gallons of Liquid Latex, Pounds of Clay, Tons of Paint, and endless shed tears and blood were used to finally finish this Cosplay.

I have kept this a secret for more than a year and a half, and now I finally get to show it off.

I really wish I had taken photos of the process of making it; but alas, I did not, sadly.

spoopyfornoes asked:
hi, I know it's been ages since we've talked, but I saw your body positivity ask post, and I'd like to say it is literally the best thing I've seen on my dash for a long time (other than my own selfies :D) I also saw that you don't consider yourself attractive, and you should know that you really are. like, seriously. I know that that won't change your opinion of yourself, but it's always nice to hear, and I'm hoping that in time that you see yourself for the beautiful human being that you are.


Thank you so much!!

I guess my looks don’t matter to me.. lol "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."


My cosplay of Nurse Joy from Pokemon 

My tumblr: cloudydream-s.tumblr.com

Episode 13: Unafraid of the Dark, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

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xxxwriteratworkxxx asked:
I just wanted to say hi, and also thanks for being awesome :) I saw you reblogged a post about supporting girls that are heavier and that aren't curvy. It's nice to know that there are some guys out there who actually care and not are like "ew look at that fat chick.". I feel like now a-days most guys (at least the ones I've met) are like that and it really makes a girl who's heavier (like me) feel a bit insecure and all that jazz. So thank you. You made my day and thank you for that. ^^ <3



Oh hello!

Awww, thank you. Honestly, I’m just being me. No one deserves to be neglected or hated on. If we just opened our eyes and realized we’re not so different than anyone else, we’d end up being a lot happier.

I have always been into Women who have more curves to them, I just find them to be more appealing and more genuine than most Publicly Accepted Women..

What the majority of men find Attractive in Women (Such as: Size 0, Slender, 5’ 6”, Large Breasts, Barbie Doll Look) I find to be very unattractive…

I don’t care if your thighs touch; in fact, I’d rather that they did because that’s NORMAL!

I don’t care if you have stretch marks. I mean honestly, I am 6’ 1” and I weigh roughly 130 and I have stretch marks…. It’s something that happens!

Hun, you could weigh 300 pounds and still be beautiful. The media is wrong, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! You are beautiful just the way you are, and that also goes for the skinny chicks as well (Although you arn’t exactly my type). You never have to change yourself just to be seen as Beautiful or Accepted, you already are.

Big or small, you are loved.

So no, thank you for coming up and saying this.


This is why you are probably my favorite Tumblr user ever. I actually have a bit of an anxiety/depression disorder from being bullied about my weight for over 10 years. I can only wish more people thought like you, both boys and girls. Now a days people are brainwashed to think that the perfect girl is a Barbie doll looking girl (as you said). It just sucks for some girls who can’t help what their bodies are like people with thyroid problems for example. They may be heavier because of it and can’t do anything about it. Then they go out and get basically shit on by people around them for being overweight. Recently in my dining hall at my college I heard guys talking about me eating donuts (which were so worth it) but then a skinny girl walked by with basically the same thing on her plate. 

Sometimes I feel the urge to stand on top of a table and tell everyone that just it’s not right and rude to criticize someone on what they eat just because they’re heavier. Like good for that girl for eating what she wants and not giving a crap, but I couldn’t help but feel self conscious because those dumbos decided to pick on me since I was fat and eating more than what “normal girls” eat. Sorry I’m a growing woman and need my sustenance >:P Merp. Sorry to rant to you, but I feel like you’re don’t of the only people that I have contact with that actually understands this. 

But, thanks to you I feel a bit better about myself. I hope you know that. Keep being you and never change :3. <3

P.S. I love your playlist of music on your page. -thumbs up-


I have been in similar circumstances. Except, through my whole life I’ve been Unhealthily Skinny and I used to be bullied all through school until roughly Junior Year in High School…

(Still to this day I don’t exactly find myself Attractive”)

I guess I was an Easy Target for being so scrony. The only reason why it stopped was that I grew to nearly 6’ tall and everyone became afraid that I would murder them (literally).

I’ve been taught to NEVER judge, nor bully anyone and to stand up for what I believe in. I am an activist for Anti-Bullying (AKA: Bully Effect), Women’s Rights, and Body Positivity Activist (Plus An Activist for many other things) and I WILL NOT allow others to hurt anyone who is supposedly Different" , it makes me sick that the Media tries making people feel bad about themselves just to promote their products.

It’s not just hurting Teens and Adults, it’s also hurting our youth and teaching them the wrong things.

Let me tell a little story:

I remember when I was little I was in the City of Boston with my Old friend Josh. Now, Josh was a complete asshole looking back at it, but honestly his Mother was to blame. His family were God Loving Christians right?

We were walking and she saw this Woman who was slightly overweight and decided upon herself to yell obscenities at her. I remember going out of my way and going up to the lady and telling her. “Please excuse her, she’s just unhappy with her own life.” then walked away and decided to call my Mom to come pick me up.

(I know not all religious people are like this)

I didn’t quite think of it much back then, but years later I had thought about it. Keep in mind, I’m not religious AT ALL, but I thought: 

You call yourself a “Family of God” and yet you decide to negate an entire page in the Bible around the quote… “Love Thy Neighbor”, and “Let the one without sin cast the first stone”. Yet they judge and hate someone based upon their looks.

I promised to myself to never allow anyone to be treated this way, but the media has made it impossible to keep that promise. That doesn’t mean I will stop fighting, because I won’t… Ever.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. You don’t need the general public’s opinion for any self worth, you’re already priceless.



this is more dramatic than a Lana Del Rey music video

I think we all know who is driving that plane…..


19th of October